How To Cut Enormous Costs On Wood, Tools and Woodworking Supplies

Simple tips for woodworkers to cut costs, not corners!

You will be surprised at how much you can save if you cut down costs of tools and supplies. When we say cut down costs we never imply compromising on quality.

These are some effective areas where you can cut down costs:

  • Raw materials
  • Tools
  • Time & technique

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Cutting Costs on Wood

Wood is your single largest cost in woodworking. If you are a hobbyist and your need for wood is not too high, you probably buy it at the local home store. Regardless of whether your demand is high or low, these are the ways to save money on wood.

  1. Find a lumberyard.
  2. Local Sawmills
  3. Free Lumber from stores
  4. Shop online. ( This one may sound strange, but hear us out).
  5. Plan your purchase & shop on offers & discounts.
  6. Build a relationships with a local vendor.
  7. Substitute with high quality board & veneer.

Lumber Yards:

You will be surprised that the lumberyards & online retailers are willing to fulfill even small orders. You can get a lot of help at the lumberyard.

Wood is already cut & stocked according to grade & size. It is here that y