10 Tips For Building A Storage Shed

Here are some excellent tips taken from me and my companies 37 years worth of experience in construction and designing yard sheds.

These tips will make your project easier, more economical and help you add practical features that will make your shed even more useful. No fluff, no bullshit.

Fast and lasting roof

Metal roofing makes financial sense

Metal roofing costs about twice as much as asphalt shingles. But on a midsize shed, you’ll only spend an extra $100 to $200. And that’s a bargain when you consider the benefits.

A metal roof typically lasts 30 to 50 years and instead of covering the whole roof with plywood, you just nail a few 2×4 “purlins” across the rafters.

Screwing the big metal panels to the purlins is much faster than nailing on hundreds of shingles. To find manufacturers, search online for “metal roof.”

Easy tool access

Build a tool locker for frequently used items

A shallow tool locker on the side or back of a shed offers quick, easy access to lawn and garden gear. To build this tool locker, we constructed an inter