The Top 10 Best Selling Woodworking Crafts & Projects

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Here is a list of top 10 best selling (and profitable) woodcrafts & woodworking projects.

These are projects that are in high demand, evergreen, and that you can learn to sell directly to the consumer or wholesale to a retailer (tourist shops love to buy crafts these in bulk!)

There’s ton of other businesses models for making money with woodworking, but we’ll stick to the woodworking plans here.

You can expand the list to include the things you excel at making.

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1. Children Toys

There was a time when toys made out of wood were the most common thing. These days in most markets they have become a novelty. You only have to ask around to realize the premium, crazy prices being charged by stores for wooden toys for children.

Wooden toys are a hot selling category for many reasons. They are considered a novelty, safer than toys made from other materials and they usually last a very long time.

The result is that parents and everybody is ready to pay top dollar to buy even the simplest of wooden toys as long as they are well made from quality wood.

Since this is an item for children, you should take extra care to make the tie safe, sturdy and durable. Do not compromise on the materials you use. Use only the best.

A great option when making children’s furniture is to make it self assembly kind. That way you can even sell your furniture online and easily ship it in dis-assembled form.

2. Baby Cradles